The artistic richness of the city Winnipeg: The sculptures

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The artistic richness of the city Winnipeg, Manitoba-Canada:

The sculptures

The Famous Five Author: AdolfGalland . Source: flickr
Assiniboia ParkAuthor: Lisa Dee . Source: flickr
Leo Mol Sculpture GardenAuthor: Al . Source: flickr
North Watch by Winnipeg’s Ivan EyreAuthor: Daryl Sawatzky . Source: flickr
Sculptures of John Hirsch (standing) and Tom Hendry (sitting). By Ruth Abernethy.

Author: seniwati . Source: flickr

Assiniboine ParkAuthor: Robert Linsdell . Source: flickr
Young naked girl, by Leo MolAuthor: Mykola Swarnyk . Source: es.m.wikipedia

Title photo: Deer Sculpture at the Forks in Winnipeg

(Author: Ccyyrree . Source: commons.wikimedia )

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4 réflexions sur “The artistic richness of the city Winnipeg: The sculptures

  1. Those are a nice collection of varied statue. The one with the bull and the woman reminds me of the story of « Europa and the Bull » that I had to translate for first year Latin back in the early ’90’s.

  2. I just published a post today about Winnipeg, and in particular about Léo Mol, who is the author of sculptures 3, 4, 7 and 8. A Ukrainian sculptor born in Imperial Russia who lived through the Revolution and then the German Invasion before emigrating to Winnipeg in 1948. Sculpture 6 is entitled  »Imagine » by Ruth Abernethy in 2008.

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