Why do I prefer the lyric abstract style ?

Why do I prefer the lyric abstract style?

In my answer you will find causes related to the definition of this style and its benefits, and causes related to my personal artistic vision:

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Abstract nature – ALOZADE Ahmed

1) I like the direct expression of individual emotion, attached to informal art (developed in Paris after the Second World War); And I refuse to stick to the academic theories of realistic “photographic” art. As I reject the strict laws of geometric abstraction and constructivism. I believe in the total freedom of the artist, who must be free from any pressure or the need to concretize his art. We must eliminate fear and the need for perfection to increase the essential joy of artists in creation. Only the free spirit and the free imagination can produce real innovative and unique creations.

Planet of storms – ALOZADE Ahmed

2) I believe that art must shock and seduce – at the same time – with its unexpected improvisations and compositions. For this I find great pleasure in the artistic method, which begins by analyzing and dismantling reality, then going beyond it to reinstall new qualities of representation and new structures and systems.

Spots in motion – ALOZADE Ahmed

3) L’art lyrique est un style abstrait qui à dépassé largement les écritures gestuelles et l’esprit surréaliste ( de la première moitié du 20e siècle); Je l’aime , car il m’a guidé doucement à travers des exercices concrets conçus pour m’aider à créer des idées originales pour la courtepointe abstraite. Et j’ai appris les bases d’invention des nouveaux systèmes spatiaux qui ont une originalité unique, et qui communiquent avec les sensations, les sentiments , les émotions et l’inconscient.

Impulse of sensations – ALOZADE Ahmed

Title image: Abstract movements (2020) – ALOZADE Ahmed

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  1. Ahmed, that’s the beauty of your art, it free form and straight from your heart and mind. The colors & designs you choose are phenomenal. 📚🎶 Christine

  2. Abstract art is gorgeous! I agree with you on the note of concretizing art. Artists should be free to create art in the form they want.

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