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The Torngat Mountains

Area of natural beauty, distant vision and calm

The Torngat Mountains are a mountain range from the Labrador Peninsula to the northern tip of Newfoundland and Labrador and eastern Quebec (in CANADA). They are part of the Arctic Cordillera. These mountains separate Ungava Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.… (Wikipedia)

Author: DJANDYW.COM AKA NOBODY . Source: flickr
Saglek Fjord Author: Paul Gierszewski . Source: commons.wikimedia
Author: Gregory « Slobirdr » Smith . Source: flickr
Korluktok Falls Author: DavidKalant . Source: commons.wikimedia
Mount Caubvick Summit (1,652 m) Author: Msadler13 . Source: fr.wikipedia
Ivitak Cove, Nachvek FjordAuthor: Gregory « Slobirdr » Smith. Source: flickr
Torngat Mountains in Killinek Island Author: Paul Gierszewski . Source: commons.wikimedia
Korok RiverAuthor: DavidKalant . Source: commons.wikimedia

Title photo: Nachvak Fjord, Torngat Mountains, Labrador (Author: . Source: fr.m.wikipedia)

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