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Tristan da Cunha: A charming little-known island

Author: Brian Gratwicke . Source: flickr

Tristan da Cunha, is a volcanic island located in the South Atlantic Ocean. Tristan da Cunha is part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, since its official annexation in 1816. Its population is only 270 people
Its surface is 96 km2, a mountainous volcanic relief which culminates at 2,062 m. (Its last eruption dates from October 10, 1961)
Its mild ocean climate varies during the year between 10 ° and 25 °, with abundant rains and strong winds, which explains its terrestrial wealth, flora and fauna, which is added to the maritime wealth.

Author: Spixey . Source: flickr
Author: Spixey . Source: flickr

The island is one of the most isolated lands in the world. Its nearest island is 2,420 km away, and the nearest country is 2,790 km away.
Without airport, the island contains an administrative building, a general store, an Internet cafe, a school, a hospital, a post office, 2 churches, a museum, a small fishing port, …. and a single police officer

Author: michael clarke stuff . Source: fr.wikipedia
Author: The Official CTBTO Photostream . Source: flickr
Author: NASA ASTER . Source: commons.wikimedia
Author: Spixey . Source: flickr

Title photo: Author: Brian Gratwicke . Source: flickr

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