Three of my recent artistic works

Three of my recent artistic works

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A metaphysical subject which approaches the distant systemic, with a hyper complex structure, very energetic elements and well directed lights. It is the charm which touches the psychic and the spirit:

Free imagination gives us the possibility of going too far, towards a point in space-time, where our logic no longer works, our memories no longer work and our emotions become strange … imagine the world of Mayall galaxy, in a creation of the abstract lyric style:
(Mayall (scientifically Arp 148), is a particular galaxy located about 500 million light years from us

After the hard confinement for three months, we leave the houses, to discover an adorable world, from the beginning of summer, with warm lights, thin clouds, yellowish images, less green vegetations which still keep some rare colors of spring. ….. And we feel a great pleasure to watch the immortal rocks and the calm blue waters …… Here is this panorama with an impressionism technique:

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