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Do you know the country where these cities are located ?

The answer at the bottom of the article

1)   Author: Patrick Müller  . Source: flickr
2)  Author: Andres Orussaar  . Source: flickr
3)  Author: Silver Gutmann  . Source: flickr
4)  Author: Ad Meskens  . Source: fr.wikipedia
5)  Author: falco  . Source: pixabay
6)   Author: Jorge Franganillo  . Source: flickr

The cities of the photos:

1) Tartu

2) Kuressaare

3) Pärnu

4) Narva (Monument in honour of Estonian chess player Paul Keres)

5) Tallinn

6) Tallinn

Title photo: Narva (Author: Andres Toode  . Source: commons.wikimedia )

The answer: Estonia

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  1. Indeed, I am not a travel agent, and I do not advertise travel … I am an artist, I seek beauty, or is in the world and in the universe … that’s all

  2. When safe, I was actually planning a trip around the baltics – Stockholm, Helsinki, Talinn, Riga (and if possible, Vilnius and St Petersburg) – I was wondering if there are any cool day trips to smaller towns, or places to ferry to? And in general, how was your impression ofthe region?

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