2 artistic works with 2 different styles

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2 artistic works with 2 different styles

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In social systems, relationships, communications, and interactions are huge, never-ending, and overly complicated.
In the structure of each system, there are elements that focus on oneself for internal or external causes.
The drawn image represents a zoom on one of these isolated elements, with its too concentric movements, its specific colors, its reflections of distant lights.
The creation of the abstract lyric style has a psychic attraction and an aesthetic charm.


« The Landscape in front of the parasols » is a neo-realistic painting, its artistic charm lies in its natural subject which brings together many elements of impressive natural beauty: the sunset, the gently moving sea, the clouds Multicolored, the wooded rocks, the sandy beach planted by traces of humans.
I imagined the landscape in the summer with lights and reflections, the homogeneity of colors, the movements of clouds and waters, and the impressionist brushstrokes ….


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