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Very beautiful, but little-known island

Author: Republic of Korea. Source: flickr

Ulleung-do (울릉도, 鬱 陵 島) is an island in South Korea located in the Sea of Japan or the East Sea. It is an island of volcanic origin located 120 km east of the Korean peninsula. It has 10,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 73.15 km2. It is a stratovolcano which culminates at an altitude of 984 m at the Seonginbong. The last major eruption occurred 9,350 years ago. The main city is the port of Dodong. It is connected to the Korean ports of Mukho and Pohang by regular maritime links. .. (Information source: Wikipedia)

Source of basic map: commons.wikimedia
Author: Linusblanket17 . Source: flickr
Author: 코리아넷 . source: fr.wikipedia
Author: Linusblanket17 . Source: flickr
Author: Republic of Korea . Source: flickr
Author: Turner . Source: flickr
Author: Linusblanket17 . Source: flickr

Title photo: Author: Linusblanket17 . Source: flickr

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