The most beautiful beaches in Italy

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The most beautiful beaches in Italy

Cala Bianca – Marina di Camerota (Author: Gianfranco Vitolo . Source: flickr)
Cala Violina – Toscania (Author: Michele . Source: flickr)
Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa Island – Sicily (Author: LFM2182 . Source: commons.wikimedia)
Spiaggia di berchida – Sardegna (Source:
Beach of the two Sisters – province of Ancona (Author: micheleluconi. Source: fr.wikipedia)
Spiaggia di Chia , Su Giudeu beach – Sardegna (Author: Cristiano Cani . Source: flickr)
Pescara beach – Abruzzo region (Author: Luca Aless . Source: commons.wikimedia)

Title photo: Cala Violina beach (Author: Nico Cavallotto. Source: flickr)

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  1. And to think that this whole dialogue started because you posted “The most beautiful beaches in Italy” and I just replied “And Sicily’ to boot.

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  5. I respect all your ancestors and I value their civilizations during the ancient centuries. now you are Italian, Mediterranean and European. which gives you a great cultural-political position in the world.

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  7. Sicily was merged with the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1860 following the expedition of Giuseppe Garibaldi’s Mille; after the Dictatorship of Garibaldi the annexation was ratified by a popular plebiscite. The Kingdom of Sardinia became in 1861 the Kingdom of Italy, in the context of the Italian Risorgimento.

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