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Auguste Rodin: One of the fathers of modern sculpture

« Thinker » by Rodin, exhibited in the Plaza Mayor of the city of Cáceres. (Photo author: Jesusccastillo . Source: commons.wikimedia)

René François Auguste Rodin, born in Paris on November 12, 1840 and died in Meudon on November 17, 1917, is one of the most important French sculptors of the second half of the 19th century, considered one of the fathers of modern sculpture.
Heir to centuries of humanism, the realistic art of Rodin is a result, a cross between Romanticism and Impressionism, the sculpture of which is shaped by the struggle between form and light.
Through his capacity for work and organization, Rodin leaves behind an extraordinary work, of which only the Rodin Museum in Paris holds the moral and inalienable right of the sculptor.

August Rodin photographed in his studio (1898)

(by:Paul François Arnold Cardon. Source: commons.wikimedia)

« Le cri » (=Shouting)(1886) in the Rodin museum, Paris (Photo author:Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. Source: fr.wikipedia)
« The three shadows » (1889 -1902) in Parc de l’hotel Biron, Paris (Photo author: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. Source: flickr)
« Le Baiser » (= The kiss)(1882)in the Rodin museum, Paris (Photo author:Britchi Mirela. Source: flickr)
« The Man with the Broken Nose » (1864) at the Rodin Museum, Paris (Photo author:Monica Arellano-Ongpin. Source : flickr)
« The monument to the bourgeois of Calais » (1889) at the Rodin museum, Paris (Photo author: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. Source: flickr)
« Young girl in a flowered hat », bust of an unknown young woman (Rose Beuret?)Terracotta, (1865/1870) in Rodin Museum, Paris (Photo author:
Frank Kovalchek . Source: commons.wikimedia)

Title photo: Ugolino and his children (big size)Rodin, in the Rodin museum in Paris (Photo author: Jebulon . Source: fr.m.wikipedia)

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  1. La imagen que tienes como Rodin 17, no es de Rodin, es de Camille Claudel.

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