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3438777824_76e78c8206_kAuthor: Marie et Didier PHOTOWEHRLI . Source: flickr

PIXNIO-369950-1200x742Author: ulleo . Source: pixnio

PIXNIO-352253-1200x776Source: pixnio

2575402311_578f902e31_kAuthor: gardener41 . Source: flickr

SONY DSCAuthor: Miwok . Source: flickr

3424275492_2190d595c6_kAuthor: Didier . Source: flickr

2876535950_0c74455838_kAuthor: Didier . Source: flickr

PIXNIO-2144857-1200x800Author: Bicansk . Source: pixnio

2552602265_25ae4e0259_bAuthor: Didier . Source: flickr

513429136_643fdd0d12_bAuthor: Didier . Source: flickr

2260774358_99d89dfee2_hAuthor: Evan Kane . Source: flickr

3492308070_01e9d4fa74_kAuthor: Didier . Source: flickr

close-up-photography-of-a-butterfly-672142 Author: Zaw Win Tun . Source : pexels

close-up-photo-of-monarch-butterfly-on-top-of-flower-1046287Author: Debadutta . Source : pexels

Title photo:      Source :

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  1. Wow, what great shots! I can’t say I’ve seen such beautiful species of butterfly before, thank you for opening my eyes 🦋

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