What is naive art ?

What is naive art ?

Exotic Landscape 1910 – Henri Rousseau (Photo author: Plum leaves . Source: flickr)

Naive painting is a category of the figurative artistic style. This way of painting is characterized mainly by the disrespect of volumes, scales, colors, directions, and physical and geometric laws.

The Waterfall 1910 Henri Rousseau ( Source: fr.wikipedia)

The most representative artist of Naive Art is Henri Rousseau: He is a French painter, born May 21, 1844 in Laval and died September 2, 1910, in Paris.

Henri Rousseau in front of his painting ‘The Merry Jesters’, in his studio at rue Perrel, Paris, c.1907 (b/w photo) by Dornac (Paul Francois Arnold Cardon) (1859-1941); Archives Larousse, Paris. (Photo source: commons.wikimedia)
Luxembourg Gardens. Monument to Chopin 1909 Henri Rousseau ( Source: fr.m.wikipedia)
The Laundry Boat of Pont de Charenton 1895 Henri Rousseau (Photo source: rawpixel.com)

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  1. I totally agree with you. there are really artists who had chosen, voluntarily, this style in the great theme of “liberating art”. but there are also many painters who hide their weaknesses behind the concepts. … in art, in general, there are always artists who invent in a solid philosophical strategy. others create anything, then they use the philosophical sentences in front of the journalists to make up the mediocrity of their creations.

  2. The question I always ask myself with naive painters, is it deliberate or is it clumsiness? I understand the intention to show things differently to draw attention to them, but isn’t it an easy way to hide a poor execution?

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