The statues of the great painters

Great painting artists

The statues of the great painters

Pieter Bruegel the Elder: A painter and printmaker born circa 1525 and died in 1569 in Brussels in the Spanish Netherlands

Statue of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, in Brussels – Belgium (Photo author: Taken . Source: pixabay)
Peasant dancePieter Bruegel the Elder 1568 ( Source: fr.m.wikipedia)

Diego Velázquez: A Spanish Baroque painter, born in Seville (Spain) on 1599 and died in Madrid on 1660.

Statue of Don Diego de Velázquez at the Prado Museum, Madrid – Spain (Photo author: Enrique A Sanabria . Source: flickr)
Philip IV hunting Wild Boar Don Diego de Velázquez (17th century) (Photo source: commons.wikimedia)

Constantino Brumidi: A historical painter born in Rome on July 25, 1805 and died in Washington on February 19, 1880. He was Greek through his father, Italian through his mother, and naturalized American. He was honored for his frescoes on the US Capitol.

Statue of Constantino Brumidi by Philip Jackson. in Waterloo Station, London – UK (Photo author: Canthusus . Source: commons.wikimedia)
The Deification of WashingtonConstantino Brumidi (Official photograph of the architect of the USA Capitol, Source: zh.wikipedia)

Jan Alojzy Matejko: A Polish painter, born July 28, 1838 in Krakow and died November 1, 1893 in the same city. he is famous for his works depicting great figures and events in Polish history

Statue of Jan Alojzy Matejko, in Planty Park, Kraków, Poland (2013, designed by Jan Tutaj) (Photo author: Zygmunt Put . Source: fr.wikipedia)
Hanging of the Zygmunt bell at the cathedral tower in Kraków in 1521Jan Alojzy Matejko (1874) (Photo source: commons.wikimedia)

The Woman taken in Adultery. Rembrandt (1644) (Photo author: jean louis mazieres . Source: flickr)

Title photo: Source:fr.m.wikipedia

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