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Belle-île-en-mer (=Beautiful-island-in-sea)

in France

Author: shogunangel. Source: flickr

Belle-Île-en-Mer, is a rocky French island located in the Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay). It is 17 km long and 9 km wide, and culminates at 71 meters, with an area of 85 km2. Its population 5,400 people. Its main city: « Le Palais »
This island – of very ancient volcanic formation – attracts many vacationers, secondary residents and tourists, with its beautiful nature, its beaches, its pretty countryside, its coastal paths, its ports, its horse clubs, its flying club, its sailing activities, diving and surfing.
(Source of informations: fr.wikipedia)

Castoul beach (Source: fr.m.wikipedia)
Port Cotton (Author: caliparisien . Source: flickr)
Sauzon (Author: FONTAINE VERONIQUE. Source: flickr)
Author: Geffroy Yann. Source: flickr
Author: Tourisme MORBIHAN. Source: flickr
(Author: SYGAL 93 . Source: flickr)
« Le palais » city (Author: Franck-fnba . Source: commons.wikimedia)

Title photo: (Author: SYGAL 93 . Source: flickr)

« Abstract nature » – ALOZADE Ahmed

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4 Comments on “Belle-île-en-mer = Beautiful island in sea

  1. Heureux de pouvoir vous donner un plaisir . Et ravi de découvrir les beaux coins cachés de la France .

  2. Encore une belle sélection de photos; je ne peux penser à Belle-Ile-en-Mer sans entendre la chanson de Laurent Voulzy dans ma tête, langoureuse évocation de l’insularité.

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