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Venus Victoria (Pauline Bonaparte)- 1808 [Photo author: Rafael Edwards . Source: flickr]

Antonio Canova is a Venetian sculptor and painter, born in Possagno, possession of the Republic of Venice, November 1, 1757, and died October 13, 1822 in Venice.
He learned from an early age the art of cutting marble, in a family of stonemasons for generations
In his creations, influenced by art and antique sculpts, he knows how to combine the imitation of nature with the ideal humanist beauties.
When he died in 1822, His remains were buried in Possagno, in the Tempio Canoviano near his brother, But his heart was placed in the Venetian Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, in a funeral monument of his own creation.

The Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, the monument to Canova.In 1794 Antonio Canova designed and built a model for the tomb of Titian, but there was a lot of difficulty in raising the necessary funds for the construction, so that, in 1822, the year of Canova’s death, it was still in project form, the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice decided to build a monument to preserve the porphyry urn containing the artist’s heart; the work was undertaken by six of his students and completed in 1827.
[Photo author: Didier Descouens . Source: commons.wikimedia]
The Three Graces (daughters of Zeus) – 1816 [Photo author: ketrin1407. Source: flickr]
Daedalus and Icarus – 1779 [Photo author: Livioandronico2013 . Source:fr.wikipedia]
Orpheus – 1777 [Photo author: Javier Valero Iglesias . Source: flickr]
Pietà (Pity) – 1817 [ Photo author: Sailko . Source: commons.wikimedia]

Title photo : Cupid’s Kiss -Antonio Canova –1787 (Auteur of photo: -Reji . Source: flickr)

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