Famous trains of the world: The yellow train

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Famous trains of the world

The Ligne de Cerdagne (The yellow train)

Author: Miquel González Page . Source: flickr

The Villefranche line or Cerdagne line, is a 62.5 km long metric gauge railway line in the French department of Pyrénées-Orientales.
It connects Villefranche – Vernet-les-Bains station to Latour-de-Carol – Enveitg station, via Font-Romeu, following the Têt valley, then crossing the Cerdagne plateau.
The railway on this line is called the Yellow Train, because the vehicles sport the Catalan colors, yellow and red.
The inauguration of the section from Villefranche to Mont-Louis took place on July 18, 1910 and that of Mont-Louis in Bourg-Madame, on May 20, 1911.
Bolquère – Eyne station, located at an altitude of 1,592 m, is the highest station of the French railway company.

Bolquère – Eyne station (Author: Lucas Destrem . Source: commons.wikimedia)
Vernet les Bains, start of the line (Author: Cristian Bortes http://www.eyeem.com/bortescristian
. Source: flickr)

Two viaducts, which mark out the line, are classified as a Historic Monument because of their architectural and technical importance. They both allow you to cross the Tet river:
the Séjourné Bridge: masonry viaduct 236.70 meters long.
the Cassagne Bridge: This railway suspension bridge is 253 meters long.

Pont Séjourné – The Séjourné Bridge (Author: Thierry Llansades . Source: fr.m.wikipedia)
Pont de Cassagne – The Cassagne Bridge (Author: Axel . Source: flickr)
Olette Canaveille (Author: nz_willowherb . Source: flickr)
Alta Cerdanya (Author: Diego Muñoz . Source: flickr)
Cerdagne plateau, in winter (Author: Aleix Cortés . Source: flickr)

Title photo: Author: Aleix Cortés . Source: flickr

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  1. I remember taking this train to Font Romeu, actually the station is in the valley in Odeillo, near the solar furnace. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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