Mois : septembre 2020

The autumn of life

Art and beauty images, for you The autumn of life These leaves which fall like our years, these winds which blow like unpleasant news which have multiplied around us, these clouds which escape like our words, this light which weakens like our steps, this sun which cools like […]

A city of artists: Valparaiso

Art and beauty images, for you A city of artists Valparaiso Valparaíso is the first port and the second city of Chile.It is also an intellectual city with four universities.Valparaiso is an « open-air museum », with its very colorful houses, a wealth of graphitis in its streets, its exhibitions, […]

« Fall 2020 » Work of ALOZADE Ahmed

My artistic creations « Fall 2020 » New Work of ALOZADE Ahmed « Fall 2020 » is a creation of the abstract expressionism style.Its strengths lie in:* His surrealist subject, where the real environment turns into an abstract image.* Its very complex texture* Its energetic elements.* Its homogeneous colors* Its superimposed depths* […]