“18 o’clock rays” by ALOZADE Ahmed

“18 o’clock rays” by ALOZADE Ahmed

Light is the primary source of color, and that’s what makes something present and colorful, which adds charm and appeal to images, and that’s what indicates the place of hope and happiness.
In nature, sunlight works miracles of beauty, interacting with other factors: time, matter, temperature, reflection, distance …
This digital art creation, in a realistic expressionist style, is an image of the rocky mountains that dominate some of the clay hills. Where plants spread over certain areas with their green magic. On the other hand, the summits evoke the sensations and the emotions of the spectators, through the very colorful work, painted by the rays of the sun – approaching its sunset – on the rocks, with the background of the magnificent sky.
Creation day: August 29, 2020

“18 o’clock rays” (2020) – ALOZADE Ahmed

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