The beauty of the images of nature


The inhabitants of the Amazon forest


Yanomami woman and her child at Homoxi, Brazil

Author: Cmacauley . Source:


Hunting instrument in Tena Amazon

Author: Fionashek22 . Source:


A friendly community of indigenous Boras, near Iquitos in the Amazon of Peru, Nanay river


Iquitos Amazonas del Perú

Author (2 photos): a l o b o s. Source:


Brazilian Indians, from the Asháninka tribe (Campas), who live in the municipality of Marechal Taumaturgo.

Author: Antônio Milena/ABr . Source:




Do Xingu, Mato Grosso, Kamaiurá in the Universe

Author (3 photos): Christine Boose. Source:


Isolated Indians in a village located in the Brazilian state of Acre.

Author: Gleilson Miranda . Source:


Brazilian indian chiefs, the indigenous group of the Kaiapos tribe, during a collective interview. Left to right: Raony (state of Mato Grosso), Kaye, Kadjor, Panara (Pará)

Author: Valter Campanato, Agência Brasil (ABr) . Source:


A member of the Tariana tribe in the Amazon region of Brazil. The Tarianas attempt to maintain their traditional life-style and show their customs to tourists to earn a living

Author :World Bank Photo Collection. Source:


Common Amazon housing, Brazil


11 Comments on “BEAUTY OF FORESTS: The inhabitants of the Amazon forest

  1. Very interesting pictures. I always wonder about the way of life of these remote tribes, and admire their resilience in not adapting the ways of the modern world.

  2. I was headed to Peru in May for a month before the pandemic stopped it. I was going to Iquitos, thanks for sharing

  3. yeas me too and truth be told my art world takes me there all the time…

  4. I have never traveled to Latin America. I dream. I love natural, calm, romantic and exciting spaces.spaces of loooove 💜

  5. Very interesting pictures and people. I almost thought you traveled here to take these pictures. I sense a freedom and peace these people experience as opposed to where we live if that makes sense.

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