Four best eye painters, during 18th century

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Four best eye painters, during 18th century

RosAlba Carriera:

Venetian woman painter (Italy), born October 7, 1675 in Chioggia, died in Venice April 15, 1757.

Allegory of Music – Rosalba Carreiera (Author: Irina . Source: flickr)
A Gentleman in a Gold Patterned Coat and Violet-Brown CapeRosalba Carriera (source: pt.wikipedia)

François Gérard:

A French neoclassical historical painter, portrait painter and illustrator, born in Rome on May 4, 1770 and died in Paris on January 11, 1837.

Portrait of Juliette Récamier – François Gérard ( Source: fr.wikipedia)
Portrait of Juliette Récamier (Details)

Vladimir Borovikovski:

A painter of Ukrainian origin, portrait painter, who dominated Russian art from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. Born July 24, 1757 in Mirgorod and died April 6, 1825 in Saint Petersburg.

Portrait of Maria LopukhinaVladimir Borovikovski ( Source: commons.wikimedia)
Portrait of Alexey Cyprian RokosowskiVladimir Borovikovski ( Source: commons.wikimedia)

Dmitry Levitzky:

A Ukrainian (Russian Empire) portrait painter, born May 1735 and died April 17, 1822. he was appointed member of the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, He was the teacher of Vladimir Borovikovsky.

Portrait of Anna Artiomievna ButurlinaDmitry Levitzky(Source: commons.wikimedia)
Self-Portrait of Dmitry Levitzky (Source: commons.wikimedia)

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