The colors and charm of the city of Belfast

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The colors and charm of the city of Belfast (UK)

Author: Rodrigo Silva . Source: flickr
The Obel Tower, the tallest building in Ireland. ( Source: )
Titanic museum (Source:
City Hall et Donegall Square. (Author: Reading Tom . Source: flickr)
The Lanyon Building, Queen’s University (Author: Michael Foley . Source: flickr)
 “Glider” bus, Queen’s Quay, Belfast (Author:  Albert Bridge . Source:
Red gothic styled memorial fountain dates from 1885 ( The inscription on the fountain reads: “Whoever drinks the water that I will give him … will never be thirsty again”. Unfortunately, there is no more water to drink.) [ Author: William Murphy . Source: flickr]
Author: Kent Wang . Source: flickr
STATUE OF JOHN RINTY MONAGHAN (Boxer 1918-1984) [Author:
William Murphy . Source: flickr]

Title photo: Jaffe Fountain in Victoria Square (Author: William Murphy . Source: flickr)

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