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The autumn of life

Source: pxhere

These leaves which fall like our years, these winds which blow like unpleasant news which have multiplied around us, these clouds which escape like our words, this light which weakens like our steps, this sun which cools like our emotions, this water which freezes like our looks, and these birds which I stopped singing like our friends …
But fall is not the season of decline and pessimism
Are not the papers aesthetically pleasing, the tones of the wind of the wonderful music, the rays passing between the apartments of the clouds are they not an energy to illuminate our emotions, is not silence there? best condition for creativity, imagination and thought, Our rationality, our experience and our conscience are consequences of our lower impulses …
Anyone who believes that when we reach the fall of life we ​​will no longer be able to charm, satisfy and love … He must seek the true emotions and unwavering sincerity … they will find them more abundant, in those over sixty


Source: pxhere

Title photo: Source: pxhere

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  1. Beautiful fall colors, Ahmed. Your lovely words ring true for me. I’m way over 60. 📚🎶 Chtistinei

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