The other face of Siberia

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The other face of Siberia

From our studies in geography, and the rare images in visual documents, we imagine Siberia (north, center and east of Russia) as a huge flat space, full of rocks and trees, covered all year round by a thick layer of ice; human life is almost impossible there and circulation is too difficult … With the development of networks and urbanization, here is the new face of Siberia

Yeniseysk (Author: Marco Fieber . Source: flickr)
Yakutsk ( Author: Степанов Слава . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Russian post office in Yakutsk ( Author: James St. John . Source: flickr)
Turukhansk ( Author: jxandreani . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Omsk ( Author: gintnerserg . Source: pixabay )
Novosibersk ( Source: )
Krasnoiarsk, train station ( Author: Julien . Source: flickr)
Kemerovo ( Author: вадим вырвич . Source: commons.wikimedia )

Title photo: Norilsk (Author: Ninara . Source: flickr )

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