The André-Diligent museum swimming pool

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The André-Diligent museum swimming pool

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Located in the small town of Roubaix in France (near the borders with Belgium), the swimming pool – Museum of Art and Industry André Diligent is a unique museum institution created within the rehabilitated walls of the former Hannar textile factory.
The old municipal swimming pool inaugurated in 1932, closed definitively in 1985, was saved from demolition thanks to this project; The whole, completely redesigned between 1998 and 2001 by architect Jean-Paul Philippon, has given rise to a museum rich in collections.
At “La Piscine de Roubaix” (inaugurated on October 20, 2001), the applied arts collections interact with the rich history of the fine arts, while a large part of the pieces presented celebrate the industrial memory and the know-how of the spinning mills of the region.
The redevelopment work, which lasted 18 months, made it possible to revalue the collections and present new works. the Pool reopened in October 2018.
Around the pool, the cabins transformed into presentation spaces for works of decorative art, with a wealth of objects, paintings by famous artists, techniques and forms, .. including stained glass by Grüber, glassworks de Gallé, and a lot of furniture, ceramics and jewelry (In the museum you can find creations by Sèvres, Chagall, Picasso, Grant, Dufy, Dalou, Pignon, Jourdain, and others)

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Arab market by G. Guillaumet (Swimming pool museum, Roubaix) ( Author: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra . Source: flickr )
The Game of Bourle in Flanders by Rémy Cogghe  (1854–1935) (Swimming pool museum, Roubaix) ( Source: commons.wikimedia )
Ceramics by Somyra “The Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille” (Swimming pool museum, Roubaix) (Author: bpmm . Source: flickr)

Title photo: Author: Jean Housen . Source: commons.wikimedia

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  1. It is an original museum, thank you for highlighting it. I remember André Diligent as a politician from this region, mayor of the town.

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