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Florence ( Italy )

A great open-air architectural museum

Author: Chris Yunker . Source: flickr

Author: Gregoire Fossemalle . Source: flickr
Florence Institute building ( Author: Thebrid . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Santa Maria del Fiore (Author: Loic Pinseel . Source: flickr)
Facade of the Villino Broggi Caraceni (1910-1911), architect Giovanni Michelazzi. ( Author: Aldo Cavini Benedetti . Source: flickr )
Author: Photo . Source: flickr
Palazzo di Giustizia ( Justice palace ) [ Author: Freepenguin . Source: commons.wikimedia ]
The Palazzo Vecchio (« Old Palace ») is the town hall of Florence. It is a massive, Romanesque palace-fortress. Overlooking Piazza della Signoria with its statues. ( Author: Dr Bob Hall . Source: flickr )

Title photo: Ponte Vecchio ( Source: pxhere )

3 Comments on “Florence: A great open-air architectural museum

  1. Oh how I miss Florence!
    To quote Michelangelo, « I don’t want to die not within the sight of the Duomo. »

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