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My recent semi-realistic artistic creation

« Beyond the urban barrier »

« Beyond the urban barrier » is a neo-realistic painting, Its artistic and aesthetic charm lies in its natural image which brings together many elements of expressive and impressive natural beauty: The sunset, the sea which moves gently , multicolored clouds, hills of sand and rocks, vegetation, hot rays ….
I paid a lot of attention to the homogeneity of colors, to the movements of clouds and water, to the reflections of lights and to the impressionist brushstrokes …

« Beyond the urban barrier » (10/2020) by ALOZADE Ahmed [ All rights are reserved ]

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« Beyond the urban barrier » (Details)

This work has as subject, the flight of a living being towards the horizon, to move away as much as possible from the anti-nature urban conditions.
Creation date: 15 October 2020

6 Comments on “My recent semi-realistic artistic creation

  1. hello dear friend Christin ⚘
    What I have drawn exists in several places along our seaside. It is unfortunate😰

  2. Ahmed, interesting to see people bordering the trees. They are stuck and have no inclination to venture beyond to the beauty of the sea and sunset. Very thoughtful work, Ahmed. 🎶📚 Christine

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