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Let’s travel to the far North East of China

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Heilongjiang Province

The far North East of China

MuDanJiang city ( Author: drnan tu . Source: flickr)

Heilongjiang is a province in northeast China, on the Russian border.

Heilongjiang 黑龙江省 means « River of the black dragon », it is the Chinese name of the border river which is called among the Russians « Love »

The Heilongjiang (Amur river in Russia), It is the border between China and Russia. The left bank is Russia (Blagoveshchenk), on the right is the Chinese city Heihe, in the middle of the river the island is in China. (User: Refrain . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Suifenhe ( Author: neville mars . Source: flickr)

Heilongjiang is a Chinese province, called under the Qing Dynasty: « Manchuria ».
Surface area: 460,000 km2
Its population: 38,312,000 inhabitants. (2010)
Its main city: Harbin (4.74 million inhabitants in 2017)

 Harbi museum (Author: Manuel Alejandro Hung . Source: pxhere )
The centre of Jixi city. ( Author: Angelo Puccini . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Jingpo Lake Waterfall ( ( Author: koorogi 8 . Source: commons.wikimedia )
The annual Snow and Ice World festival in Harbin, in the north east of China attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. ( Author: Rincewind42 . Source: flickr)
Scutpture in Ha’erbin ( Author: felibrilu . Source: flickr)
At Harbin’s Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo ( Author: Carsten ten Brink . Source: flickr)

Title photo: Early morning exercise in Mudanjiang (Author: Inge . Source: flickr)

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