Rare images of Budapest

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Rare images of Budapest (Hungary)

Author: Claudio . Source: flickr
Author: Sergey Melkonov . Source: flickr
Andrássy útca Hungarian State Opera House (Author: Fred Romero . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Author: grassrootsgroundswell . Source: flickr
Author: Patrick Nouhailler . Source: flickr
Author: Martin Alvarez Espinar . Source: flickr
Statue of Stephen Iᵉʳ, born around 975 and died on August 15, 1038, the founder of the Kingdom of Hungary. He became his king in 1000 – 1001. (Author: Keith Yahl . Source: flickr)
Source: pxhere.com

Title photo: One of busy squares in Budapest ( Author: Theoria Photography. Source: flickr )

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5 réflexions sur “Rare images of Budapest

  1. in this period of coronavirus, we have a great desire to look at the streets, the gardens, the beaches, the houses, the people, … and find the love of life again🏘🌄🌉🏜🏞🏖🌿🌾🍁🍃🍂🌻🦋❤

  2. My thoughts: amazing these buildings are beautiful something about them makes me stop and look. Look at the people together having a good time. Can’t be like this these days.

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