Extreme beauty and extreme danger, in 2 of the most difficult roads in the world.

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Two of the most difficult roads in the world

1) Dalton Highway, Alaska:

This Trans-Alaska (South-North) highway, which was built in 1974, is one of the most isolated in the world,surrounded by beautiful nature. Only three villages lie along its 666 kilometers. To use this road, with its very difficult weather conditions (Down to -50 ° C -58 ° F) , you have to stock up on provisions and make sure that the car can hold the road.

Aerial View of Dalton Highway ( Author: Terry Feuerborn . Source: flickr )
Sukakpak Mountain on the Dalton Highway ( Author: BLM Alaska/Karen Deatherage . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Traveling through the Brooks Range heading south ( Author: Terry Feuerborn . Source: flickr )
Caribou, Coastal Plain, Just south of Deadhorse ( Author: Terry Feuerborn . Source: flickr )
Poor visibility and slippery road conditions often make the Dalton Highway a winter challenge for truck drivers hauling supplies to the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay. ( Author: Bureau of Land Management Alaska . Source: flickr )

2) “Zoji la” pass, India :

This mountainous road, located in the Himalayas in India, is the most dangerous in the world. It is difficult to cross due to the state of its road. This pass, which connects the Kashmir valley in the west to the Drass valleys, passes at an altitude of around 3,528 meters, amidst breathtaking views.
A tunnel in the Zoji La Pass, was inaugurated in May 2018. This 14 km tunnel reduced the crossing time from more than 3 hours to just 15 minutes.

Sringar-Leh Route ( Author: Yogeshgupta26 . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Vehicles proceeding towards the valley through the Zoji La Pass ( Author: Anwaraj . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Living on the edge – Zoji Pass ( Author: Axel Drainville . Source: flickr )
Road leading up to Zoji La ( Author: Kondephy . Source: commons.wikimedia )
Sonomarg Valley ( Author: Lev Yakupov . Source: flickr )

Title photo: Zojila pass, which is famous for its landslides and being closed ( Author: Pradeep Kumbhashi . Source: flickr )

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