Do you know this city ?

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Do you know this city?

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Londonderry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland (UK), after Belfast.
The city experienced in the 19th century and the 20th century a significant emigration to the United States. Emigrant boats left from its port to the United States, notably to New Hampshire, South Carolina and Philadelphia (It is the origin of the name of the city Derry, in New Hampshire)
Londonderry is the origin of:
Nadine Coyle (singer of the group Girl Aloud).
Bronagh Gallagher (actress and singer).
Neil Hannon (Author, composer and singer of the group Divine Comedy).
Seamus Heaney (poet and writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995).
John Hume (Nobel Peace Prize).
Damian McGinty, singer
It was, in 2013, the first British “City of Culture”.

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