Outstanding Finnish Art: Helsinki Sculptures

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Outstanding Finnish Art

Helsinki Sculptures

The Sibelius Monument is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). It was unveiled in 1967 (Photo author: Urko Dorronsoro . Source: flickr)
(Photo author: Andrew M Butler . Source: flickr)
(Photo author: William Marnoch . Source: flickr)
Sculpture Taru and Totuus: Dedicated to Zacharias Topelius (January 14, 1818 – March 12, 1898). Topelius was a Finnish writer, poet, journalist and historian. (Photo author: Teresa Grau Ros . Source: flickr)
This 5-metre work of art by sculptor Villu Jaanisoo, entitled Kaikki on mahdollista (”Everything is Possible”, 2009) is a gigantic gorilla made of second-hand car tyres. The sculpture won an invitational art competition arranged by the State Art Collection. (Photo author: দেবর্ষি রায় . Source: flickr)
(Photo author: Sarah Stierch . Source: flickr)
Havis Amanda on The marketplace. The bronze statue, 5 meters high, was sculpted by Ville Vallgren in 1906 in Paris in the art nouveau style. The granite fountain is by Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen. (Photo author: Riku Kettunen . Source: flickr)

Title photo: Baby Angels-Demons: A giant sport-tailed baby of black lizard outside the Museum of Cultures on the Tennispalatsinaukio (Tennis Palace Square) (Photo author: Bernt Rostad . Source: flickr)

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