Rare images of Taiwan

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Rare images of Taiwan

Taoyuan County in Taiwan ( Source: pxhere )
Xizhi district in Taipei ( Source: wallpaperflare.com )
The mountainous region of Ruifang ( Source: wallpaperflare.com )
Bao-an Temple in Taipei ( Author: Meiguoren . Source: goodfreephotos )
 Fulong beach taiwan ( Source: pxfuel.com )
 Da’an district ( Source: wallpaperflare.com )
Commercial anglers use platforms such as this to facilitate fishing in Sun Moon Lake ( Author: David Stanley . Source: flickr )
Acclaimed Taiwanese Artist Hung Yi Presents Free Public Art “Fancy Animal Carnival” baked Enamel on Steel Plate, Granite, Stainless Steel, Copper ( author: . Source: flickr )

title photo: Jiufen, Taipei ( Author: Gregg Tavares . Source: commons.wikimedia )

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