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The Swiss funicular with the highest slope in the world

Author: Pakeha . Source: commons.wikimedia

The Schwyz-Stoss funicular (STOOSBAHN), is a funicular railway in the canton of Schwyz, Switzerland, which connects the end of Muttal (562 m high) to the village of Stoss (1306 m). Opened on December 15, 2017, with a height difference of 744 meters and a route of 1,740 meters, it is the funicular open to the public with the highest slope in the world, with a maximum of 110%. Its speed is 7.3 m / s.

The Funicular arriving at its lower station (Author: Stéphane Gottraux . Source: commons.wikimedia)
View of the upper station (Stoos) ( Author: Jim Howard . Source: flickr )
Stossbahn funicular railway bridge over the Muota River ( Author: Jag9889 . Source: commons.wikimedia )

The cabins will have a level correction allowing passengers to travel at a speed of ten meters per second on a floor kept constantly horizontal despite the strong variations in the slope, which can reach 110%.

Author: Nix-dorf . Source: commons.wikimedia
Author: Pakeha . Source: commons.wikimedia
View of the upper station (Stoos) ( Author: dconvertini . Source: flickr )
View of the upper station (Stoos), in winter ( Author: Thomas Jundt . Source: flickr )

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Title photo : Station of Muttal (Author: Pakeha . Source: commons.wikimedia )

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