“The red window”

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“The red window”

by ALOZADE Ahmed

“The red window”, is an artistic creation, of Contemporary Art, of the semi-abstract style, with an impressionist technique.
Its subject: An abstract image born from a free imagination, where many elements attract real criteria hidden deep in our memory. Thus, the work activates our imagination, while its technique provokes our emotions.

The number of copies is limited to 2.
Creation date: 03 December 2020

“The red window” (12/2020) by ALOZADE Ahmed

Forbidden to download or use. All rights are reserved

“The red window” – ALOZADE Ahmed ( Details )

For comparison, move the center line, right or left

Forbidden to download or use. All rights are reserved

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4 réflexions sur ““The red window”

  1. hi Christine. 🍁🌾
    I admit that windows had played a big role in my life, my memory retains hundreds of stories related to windows. but I can no longer identify precisely which one has influenced my artistic work. the unconscious is fundamental in every corner of every work.
    Good day my beautiful and kind friend🧡

  2. Ahmed, the Red Window definitely has a story behind it. The setting and feelings jump out at you, even before one word is written. Nicely done, my friend. 📚 Christine

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