Rare images of flowers

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Rare images of flowers

In beauty, the creation of nature has no limits

Dionaea muscipula:

The dionaea muscipula is arguably the most spectacular carnivorous plant. Its distribution is now limited to North Carolina, South Carolina and Quebec.

Photo source: milegontx.blogspot

Aristolochia salvadorensis platensis:

Aristolochia salvadorensis platensis called “the Darth Vader flower” because its inflorescence resembles a Halloween mask or even Darth Vader’s helmet in the Star Wars saga. This tropical liana is very rare, it only exists in a few plains of central Brazil (its origin), with a short flowering.

Photo source: blog.flowersacrosssydney


Passifloraceae is a group that includes about 630 species, classified into 19 genera, of trees, shrubs and, mainly lianas (In Brazil there are only 4 genera. Only the genus Passiflora is present in the United States .). Passiflora are more common in tropical and temperate areas. The fruits of some species of the genus Passiflora are edible and known as “passion fruit”.

Author: Jebulon . Source: commons.wikimedia


Orchidaceae are a large, diverse family of approximately 28,000 species, distributed across approximately 763 genera. The family comprises about 6-11% of all seed plants on earth. The largest genera are Bulbophyllum, Epidendrum, Dendrobium, and Pleurothallis. the majority of species are found in tropical regions; In these regions, many species of orchids, have disappeared or are threatened, this is mainly caused in the first place by deforestation.

Author:  Badlydrawnboy22 . Source: commons.wikimedia

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