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The charm of the mountains of LAOS

Three-quarter view of a wooden footbridge over a lagoon, trees and karst mountains, early morning in the paddy fields of Vang Vieng, Vientiane Province (Author: Basile Morin . Source: commons.wikimedia)

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Beauty of the mountains

The charm of the mountains of LAOS


Annamite Cordillera (Author: DEZALB. Source:  pixabay.com)



Vientiane, a province in the middle of the mountains, a pleasant place to relax (Author: Kainet. Source:   flickr.com)


River in Vientiane Province (Source:  pxhere.com )


the province of Khammouane (Author: Andres Miguez.  Source: flickr.com)

Countryside around Sam Neua (Author: Adam Jones Adam63 . Source:   commons.wikimedia.org)

Bungalow in a mountainous relief (Source:   pxhere.com)

Region of Luang prabang city (Source:  pxhere.com)

R12 to Tham Xieng Liap, Khammouane Province  (Author: Tango7174 . Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

The Phou Bia (it is the small pyramidion in the background) seen from Nam Ngum Lake (reservoir) on the Nam Ngum River

Phou Bia is a mountain located in the Annamite Cordillera, northeast of the province of Vientiane. At an altitude of 2,819 meters, it is the highest point in Laos.

Author: Chaoborus . Source:   commons.wikimedia.org

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