TRAVEL IN 2021 : Cancun

Where to travel in early 2021 ?

That’s the first article in a new series, to help my friends choose a beautiful place in the world, which deserves an excellent tourist trip.

Cancun (Mexico)

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Cancún (750,000 inhabitants) is a Mexican city and beautiful seaside resort located in the state of Quintana Roo, in the northeast of the Yucatán Peninsula, on the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

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Cancun weather:
Today, sunny, 25 ° -21 ° C
Saturday January 9, sunny, 26 ° -22 ° C

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Direct flights to Cancun:
From New York in 4 hours
From Los Angeles in 4:30
From Montreal in 4 hours 50
From london in 11 hours
From Paris in 11:20
Flights with 1 stopover to Cancun:
From Berlin in 18 hours
From Moscow in 30 hours
From Tokyo in 26 hours 10
From Sydney in 21:40

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Hotels in Cancun:
There are more than 125 classified hotels, the price of 4 and 5 stars starts at $ 27 per night

Cancun beach ( Author: dronepicr . Source: flickr )

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