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« The cold produces the abstract » by ALOZADE A.

Description: « The cold produces the abstract » is an artistic work of the lyrical abstract style, where the free imagination of the artist invents the design system in a subject or metaphisical concept.Here I have analyzed the mechanism of nature, when she invents unusual designs. I did not copy the image (like a photographer or a classical painter) but I imagined the whole, with its … Lire la suite « The cold produces the abstract » by ALOZADE A.


Great painting artists: Albert Bierstadt

ART and DESIGN Great painting artists Albert Bierstadt Great mountain painter Albert Bierstadt is an American painter of German origin, born in 1830 and died in 1902.Albert Bierstadt was a romantic painter, using a classical style, he is famous as a landscape painter at the Hudson River School, and a lover of the mountains. Five other works of Albert Bierstadt here

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To facilitate the search for free and open images, with Flickr, here is an example of this practice: 1-I search with general keywords: I need a photo of a very beautiful landscape with rocks, vegetation and water in the American state of Utah. I use the words: « Landscape in Utah ». I choose « All creative commons » mention. Since I did not find the beautiful image … Lire la suite Search with Flickr


Beauty of the mountains: Lushan

Best Places To Travel In 2021 Beauty of the mountains Lushan, China The Lushan is south of Jiujiang City in Shanxi Province, between the Yangtze River in the north and Poyang Lake in the east. The mountainous region has more than 90 peaks of which Dahanyang, the highest, reaches an altitude of 1,474 m. Author: ZSong. Source: Characterized by varied and complicated reliefs, lushan is dotted … Lire la suite Beauty of the mountains: Lushan

Images of old town in Munich

RECOMMENDED: Visit the shops of artisanal products, in the middle of the old town of Munich, you will find beautiful pieces: I am the author of all the photos; Prohibited from downloading or using without my written permission. All rights reserved.


Contemporary art revolution

ART and DESIGN Contemporary painting Contemporary art refers to all works of art created since 1945 and up to the present day, whatever the style, the medium used and the artistic movement to which they belong. (4) Contemporary art revolution Morris Weitz, in « The Role of Theory in Aesthetics » (in Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, XV, 1956), had criticized that art had an … Lire la suite Contemporary art revolution

Albert Bierstadt paintings

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The Northwest Coast of Australia

Best Places To Travel In 2021 The Northwest Coast of Australia It’s a beautiful summer season in Australia since Christmas week. The weather is lovely this week:The weather on the northwest coast is almost ideal: today the temperature is 38 ° c – 27 ° c. Monday February 08 will be 34 ° c – 26 °


URBAN DESIGN : Barcelona

National Palace Park Güell Torre agbar Spain square Magic Fountain of Montjuïc : The most beautiful fountain in the world

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MASTERPIECE OF THE DAY ( January 24, 2021 )

A MASTERPIECE IN THE HISTORY OF PAINTING January 24, 2021 « The Frigidarium » (1890)  » The Frigidarium «  (1890) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema  (1836–1912)  In ancient Rome, the frigidarium ( …) was the part of the thermal baths where you could take cold water baths. It was the first bathroom in the thermal baths, before the tepidarium and the caldarium, which were successively lukewarm and hot baths. … Lire la suite MASTERPIECE OF THE DAY ( January 24, 2021 )