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« Change from 20 to 21 » (Details) by ALOZADE Ahmed

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« Change from 20 to 21« 

Everyone considers the year 2020 to be catastrophic, because of the Covid-19 epidemic. In the last hours of this year, I hope – like everyone else – that the new year 2021 will be
the end of this health nightmare, and that it will be a year of peace, happiness and great progress for humanity.
I presented this subject with a lot of conflicting feelings, using free imagination and free creation, in a lyrical and expressionist abstract style work. This painting also contains the multiplication of depths, homogeneity and beauty.
Creation date: 31 December 2020
Number of copies for sale: 2

« Change from 20 to 21 » (31/12/2020) by ALOZADE Ahmed

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3 réflexions sur “Online art gallery: my new in Artpal

  1. thank you very much, and happy new year 2021. I wish you lots of health, success and love ,my beautiful Christine 🎆🥂🧡

  2. Ahmed, the painting brings one out of the doldrums into the light. A wisp of a figure holding the light firm. Very introspective. I like it. Happy New Year, my friend! 🥳🎶💜 Christine

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