Where to find free images

Graffiti in San francisco (  CC0 Public Domain . Source: pxhere )

Where to find free images

You need free, high quality images, especially for your website articles. I will help you find them easily.

1) You should know, before looking for a free image:

Gaffiti 写真提供 PIXNIO Japan

You must first know that downloading and using images must respect 3 things:
1) All images accompanied by the mention “All rights reserved”, are prohibited to download, copy or use, whatever the way, the tool or the purpose.
2) All other images (except rare) are under a license of use, which defines the authorized objectives of use. Free images are those that you can use, within these authorized limits, without having to purchase a license personal or exclusive.
[I’ll explain this in detail in a future article]
3) To use free images, you must respect certain rights, above all: you must provide the name of the creator and the attribution parts, a copyright notice, a license notice, a non -responsibility and a link to the material.

Graffiti near European Central Bank (EZB), Frankfurt Main- Germany. (Norbert Nagel / Wikimedia Commons . Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0 )

2) How to know if an image is free:

a) The primary method: forces us to check around and in each image, to find what its license defines (According to the method chosen by the author of the image) [I will explain this in detail in a future article]
b) The method with a search engine: All the search engines on the net, present, in the search results page of images, filtering tools, where you will find the various rights of use. You must choose the option “Creatives commons”, “Public domain”, “reuse allowed”, “reuse and modification allowed”, “Reproduction and sharing” or other option that suits your use of the image. Search again, you will have all the free images you need.
[I’ll explain this in detail in a future article]
c) The specialized websites method: In the 21st century, there are specialized websites which offer a downloadable and free-to-use database of images. Simply:

  • you know and respect the special conditions of each site.
  • know how to search to easily find your need
  • knowing how to find the exact title of the image you have chosen, if the site does not provide a title or sufficient words for your use. [I’ll explain this in detail in a future article]
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