Art philosophy: contemporary painting (1)

Street art in the parking lot of the Tivoli theater in Dublin

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Art philosophy

Contemporary painting (1)

Contemporary art refers to all works of art created since 1945 and up to the present day, whatever the style, the medium used and the artistic movement to which they belong.

1)New artistic movements in contemporary painting:

  • Abstract Expressionism: A movement, born around 1942, which became the first major artistic movement in the United States after the 2GM. he is interested in the gesture in relation to color, in particular by developing the technique of dripping (J. Pollock, ). – and removal of any depth effect (M. Rohtko,).
  • Art Brut: It is the current of artists who have no artistic culture (children, the mentally ill and others).
Abstract expressionism: “Rock Bottom”(1960-61) by Joan Mitchell

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  • Lyrical abstraction: This movement, born around 1951, in opposition to Geometric Art. The artist of this movement represents his feelings on the canvas using non-figurative forms. The works of lyrical abstraction are creations of semi-spontaneous body language (Hartung, ).
  • Op’Art: this movement, which began around 1954, presents creations based on optical illusions. (V. Vasarely, ).
  • Pop art: is a movement, born in 1955 in the United Kingdom. The works of this movement are made from images of popular culture diverted (R. Lichtenstein,).
  • Minimal art: born in the United States around 1962, is a movement which is based on an extreme simplification of forms. With an aesthetic and noble aspect (D. Flavin,).
Lyrical abstraction : ” Midday landscape” by Nicolas De STAËL

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  • New Realism: This movement, born in 1963 with Pierre Restany, brings together artists who appropriate reality thanks to their productions, to integrate it as it is (Y. Klein,) . Artists pushed this movement towards extremism, they created Narrative Figuration (H. Télemaque, ) and Hyperrealism (C. Close,).
  • Street Art: it is an urban movement, born in the 60s. All the artistic achievements of this movement are in the street, their supports are the elements of the urban environment and public spaces. (Banksy,).
  • Land art: Since 1969, a new movement has brought together artists who make their works from natural materials, and remain exposed to erosion; They are often ephemeral works, by their location and their material, so visual techniques take over for their sustainability (R. Smithson, ).
  • New Figuration: is a trend, born around 1981, which brings together artists who do not belong to abstraction or to New Realism. (P. Rebeyrolle,).
New Realism: “Self portrait by Lucas Samaras

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