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“VITAL MACHINE” (2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed (Details)


My recent work in Artmajeur

“Vital machine”

“VITAL MACHINE”is an abstract expressionism painting, the most sought after style in stock art. The artistic beauty of this painting and its aesthetic resides in its subject of free imagination; It’s created with elements that have minimal relation to the stock of the unconscious, but it retains the attraction, harmony and charm of modern designs.
The complexity of his system, in many depths, grabs the mind of the beholder. The colors full of warmth and sensation, diffuse charm. Lights rich in energy, ignite feelings.
This creation is a work of new art, contemporary painting, and expressionist technique.

This work exists on the famous stock art site:…


Creation date: 06 January 2021
(Limited edition of 2)

“VITAL MACHINE” (1/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed
The original work is here

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