Images of Morocco : Tangier

Photo source : commons.wikimedia . Author: Mike McBey

Images of Morocco

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Walls of the ancient city (Medina) ( Photo source: commons.wikimedia. Author: Jobt1962 )

Tangier is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. It is located in the extreme north-west of the country, on the Straits of Gibraltar which separates Europe from Africa (14 km) . Tangier is the gateway to all of Morocco. Africa and the door of Africans to Europe.
ِ Created by the Phoenicians, Tangier became a main commercial center for the Carthaginians, during the 4th century before Jesus.
And since then, Tangier has always become a pioneer city in Morocco, with intense political, economic and cultural relations with Europe and the world (especially with Spain)

ِ LHAFA cafeteria: From this cafeteria (a staircase), young people look out over the Strait of Gibraltar. And in fine weather, they can see the Spanish coasts (the start of the European continent)

Photo source : flickr . Author: Robert Brands

Tangier has around 1.1 million inhabitants. It has a Mediterranean climate, with oceanic influence (Average precipitation per year = 800 mm. Average temperatures vary each year between 9 ° c and 29 ° c). Economically, Tangier benefits ecenssiellement from its strategic location, from its two ports (especially Le Port Méditterranné, 1st in Morocco), from its industrial regions and from its tourist attraction.

Large square in the middle of the old medina ( Photo source : flickr . Author: Damien Fauchot )

The city is an international tourist destination, thanks to its ancient city rich in historical elements (including: one of the oldest US legations in the world, souk, and 11 gates of the medina …), its monuments from the beginning of the 20th century (including: Cervantes Theater, Arènes de Tanger,), its museums (including: Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of La Kasbah,) and its good tourist infrastructure.

Former residence of the American legation in Tangier (The first American legation in the world)

Photo source : commons.wikimedia . Author: Diego Delso .

The coast of Tangier, with its buildings and hotels. ( Photo source : flickr . Author: Gerry Balding )

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