Where to find free images (3)

Photo source : pixabay.com

Where to find free images

You need high quality free images, especially for articles on your website. I will help you find them easily.

3) Free image banks

To search for a free image on the net, you must choose from 3 methods (see the previous article). The easiest method is to look in websites specializing in this kind of images, called « Free Image Banks ».
Among dozens of these banks, I have chosen, for you, the 8 that I use the most for my articles:

Photo source : freeimages.com ( Author: guenter m. kirchweger )

commons.wikimedia.org :

An online image library, launched September 7, 2007. It started with some 1000 files; She now has a collection of 67,629,895 media files, freely usable by everyone.

unsplash.com :

A website dedicated to sharing photos under an open source license, based in Montreal; It premiered on May 27, 2013, with only 10 images.

The site has – now – more than 120,000 contributing photographers and has over 1 million high definition photos. The site has become a major source of images for journalists, bloggers, and developers.

Photo source : commons.wikimedia ( Author: 14Valja01)

Pixabay.com :

A royalty-free image-sharing website, founded in Ulm (Germany), in November 2010. Pixabay provides image researchers with approximately 1,800,000 photographs, provided by photographers in its community.
To download very high resolution images, you just need to register on the site for free.

Picography.co :

A site that has been providing images to millions of people for 3 years. It is, now, one of the main sources of great free photos in high resolution.

Photo source : Picography.co

pexels.com :

A site, founded in 2014 in the municipality of Fuldabrück in Germany, which provides hundreds of thousands of high quality and completely free photos. The site only uses images provided by its community of photographers.

pixnio.com :

A site that offers high quality public domain photos to everyone. You can download any image, regardless of its size, and use it freely for personal and commercial use. You can download up to 200 images at a time.

Photo source : pixnio.com

Freeimages.com :

A site, which was launched in February 2001 in Seattle, Washington (USA). There you will find 382,839 free photos and illustrations. Registration is required to download. It now has more than 2,500,000 registered users.

wallhaven.cc :

If you need a wallpaper image, to use it as your wallpaper or title image, You can visit the wallhaven site, where you will find 786159 high quality, free wallpapers. You can use its filter by category or by purity.

Photo source : wallhaven.cc

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