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In Zürich (Switzerland)

Photo source : flickr . Author: SnippyHolloW
Photo source : flickr . Author: tchamber236

Art and History are manifested together strongly in the urban space of Zurich.

Photo source : flickr . Author: Patrick Nouhailler

Zurich is a green city and a leader in climate protection by reducing car use, funding research into renewable energies and separating urban and recreational areas.

Photo source: pixabay . Author: Jonny_Joka

Well preserved medieval building

Photo source: en.wikipedia . Author: Andrew Bossi

The success of Zurich’s public transport system means there are fewer cars on the roads, which means less pollution, fewer accidents and more parking lots; On the other hand, buses, trains, trams and ferries dominate and arrive frequently.

Photo source : flickr . Author: jon watts

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  1. The Old and the New.. Lovely compositions.. I have been to Switzerland.. But not to Zurich. 🙂 Many thanks also for your visit to my own blog today.. 😀 🙏

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