Where to find free images (4)

Photo source : rawpixel.com

Where to find free images

You need high quality free images, especially for articles on your website. I will help you find them easily.

4) Image Sharing Sites:

To search for a free image on the net, you have to choose from 3 methods (see article 1.2). The simplest method is to consult specialized websites called “Free Image Banks”. But many Image Banks are not specialized in “Free Images”, they are “Image Sharing Sites”.

My dear friends, it is in these sites when you can find the most interesting, the rarest and the most numerous free images.

Photo source : freerangestock.com

An image sharing site, is used to store and display and share the images of many users, who form a large community, especially with the mainstream development of digital cameras and high speed Internet access. , among these sites some which allow a diffusion only in a private community). Image sharing sites present paid offers and / or free offers. Many of them offer printing opportunities and delivery services. Many of them allow posting comments.

Among dozens of these sites, I have chosen, for you, the 4 that I use the most for my articles:

Photo source : flickr.com

flickr.com :

This site – the most famous – was launched in February 10, 2004; In 2017, the site hosted 13 billion photos for 120 million members. To search for a free image in flickr, you must choose one of the Creative Commons licenses.

imgur.com :

It is an American company founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009. in San Francisco in the United States. This 100% free site is perfect for uploading and sharing an image with or without registration

Photo source : imgur.com

rawpixel.com :

Rawpewel is operated by Rawpixel Ltd (rawpixel) which is a company registered in England and Wales. It is a site specializing in free images (public domain is accessible to all with a CC0 license) and Editorials (Content tagged “Editorial Use Only” is intended for use in news and events articles, non-commercial blogs and websites, shows, and other non-profit media). The site offers its users 2 paid licenses: Personal license and Commercial license.

freerangestock.com :

Freerange Stock provides high quality free stock images with a community of over 725,000 registered users. Since 2007, the collection of photos, textures and illustrations has been frequently featured and promoted on recommended free image source lists on the web. All images are licensed under the Equalicense license (a special license for users and photographers of Freerange, of which You may use images for almost any purpose, commercial or not, without attribution, and You may not sell, redistribute or renew license images, and you cannot sell products that derive their primary value from the image) …

Photo source: freerangestock.com

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