PICTURE OF THE DAY ( January 19, 2021 )


Los Angeles in 1910

Picture source : commons.wikimedia .

Photograph of huge crowds surrounding All Night And Day Bank on the corner of Spring Street and Sixth Street, April 1910.

Crowds of people gather in front of the overflowing bank on the sidewalks, on the streets and on sidewalks through the streets. Vehicle traffic such as horse-drawn carriages, vintage cars and cyclists manage to make their way through the hustle and bustle. The bank “closed on October 10, 1910 and reopened later in the month.” The image file card reads: “run on All Night and Day Bank” .; Readable signs include: “Security Building, Security Savings Bank”, “Grocer Ral […] […]”, “Lissner Building”, “For Rent”, “Library Office, Creators card system “,” Adolf Frese Optical Co. “,” this is Frese Optical Co., we make your eyes smile !, Eyes tested, glasses fitted, 546 S. Spring “,” RD Bronson Desk Co., upper two floors , something new in the office “,” entry 542 S. Spring “,” Howe Bro’s, we moved to our new building, 117-119 West 6th Street when completed, around April 20 “,” All Night and Day Bank, bank open all night and day, 6th and Spring, “,” shoes “. “Pierce + Co. Kodaks” has been changed in the image to make it look like a store sign on the third building to the left of the bank. “Pierce & Co., Kodaks, 127” has been modified in the image to make it appear as a store sign on the building adjacent to the right of the bank.volume_upcontent_copyshare

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