Where to find free images (5)

You need free, high quality images, especially for your website articles. I will help you find them easily.

5) How to search for a free image with search engines

If you cannot find the image you need for your project in the “free image banks“, or if you like to use Internet search engines, you have two methods to use: direct search and indirect search .

To help you understand, I use an example: I am looking for an image of an artistic work from the beginning of the 20th century, which could represent the Impressionism style.like this work:

Image source : commons.wikimedia .

“Torrey Pines” by Charles Arthur Fries

A- Direct search:

In the search space at the top of the google page, you must write a keyword or several keywords which summarize your need (example: impressionism 20th century painting), You must choose “images” then in the “tools” will choose “User rights” then “Creative Commons licenses”, finally click “Enter” on your keyboard. You will receive the images which represent your research, you will choose the image which you prefer. BUT, maybe there are better ones among the thousands of images that are in the far pages of the result, or outside of it.

You can use the same method with other search engines (pay attention to the type of license)

B-Indirect search :

The indirect method, is based on several steps, to end up with a more precise and more rare result.
In my example I will choose the following steps:

1- I am looking for impressionist artists

2- I will choose the painters who lived at the beginning of the 20th century
3- I will look for the art images of a painter among this list.
(here I chose: Emmanuel Zairis, Greek, circa 1876 – 1948)

4- I select a good image of this artist which represents what I want.

Image source: en.wahooart

” A moment’s rest ” by Emmanuel Zairis

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