Contemporary art revolution


Contemporary painting

Contemporary art refers to all works of art created since 1945 and up to the present day, whatever the style, the medium used and the artistic movement to which they belong.

(4) Contemporary art revolution

77 Million Paintings (2006) by British musician Brian Eno * ( image source: flickr / Dominic Alves )

Morris Weitz, in “The Role of Theory in Aesthetics” (in Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, XV, 1956), had criticized that art had an “essence”, that is to say a set of necessary and sufficient properties that it would be possible to define it. He insisted that defining art by a finite number of properties is impossible. according to him, the very adventurous character of art, its incessant changes and its new creations, make it logically impossible to guarantee a set of determining properties to Art; And that is why none of the definitions of Art had withstood the evolution of aesthetics.

Midnight, Forecastle, 1992. Mixed media. by Heather James (Image source: flickr / rocor )

The evolution of Contemporary Art since 1956 has exaggerated the indefinable Art, in favor of dynamic freedoms (in plural) of all kinds, which characterize the art of the 21st century.
This liberal revolution is based on socio-cultural – and also economic-political – revolutions experienced by young people around the world since 1960 (Student Revolution in Paris in May 1968, feminist and homosexual movements since the 1970s, Chinese economic reform in 1978, fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, the weakening of sociability and the disintegration of social links since 1990, the digital revolution which had created and distributed new communication tools via the Internet, then the explosion of social networks online since 2010).
We should be delighted, for the historical feat that contemporary artists have achieved: the extreme independence of academic standards, the influences of multinationals, and especially the great ideologies that have dominated, and still do.
It no longer has criteria, nor institutions that decide how an artistic work should be. No economic references that frame the creativity of artists. No legislation that hinders the imagination of an artist. No rightist, no leftist, no socialist, no liberalist, no extremist, no racist, …. among true contemporary artists.

Superego impulses (2020) by ALOZADE Ahmed (All rights reserved)

* 77 Million Paintings is a digital art software/DVD combination by British musician Brian Eno, released in 2006.
The release consists of two discs, one containing the software that creates the randomized music and images that emulate a single screen of one of Eno’s video installation pieces. The other is a DVD containing interviews with the artist.
The title is derived from the possible number of combinations of video and music which can be generated by the software, effectively ensuring that the same image/soundscape is never played twice. ..

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