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To facilitate the search for free and open images, with Flickr, here is an example of this practice:

1-I search with general keywords:

I need a photo of a very beautiful landscape with rocks, vegetation and water in the American state of Utah. I use the words: « Landscape in Utah ». I choose « All creative commons » mention.

Since I did not find the beautiful image I want in the 313 photos of the result …

2- I do the same search again with « Any license »:

I keep the same keywords and I change the filter, to find more images.
I have 1,115,461 photos in the result

From this result I choose an image (which I cannot use) which will give me the right search keyword, here it is « Zion NP »

3- I redo the search with the new keyword:

I use the keyword « Zion NP », I choose in the filter « All creative commons ».

I receive 3,248 beautiful, free photos, of which I download this one:

First Sun at Big Bend, Zion NP (Zion National Park), Utah- USA

Image source: . Author: Don Graham


To find the rarest images, write your search keywords, in the language closest to your subject (examples: if I’m looking for a photo of a boulevard in the city of Nagoya in Japan, better search with this: 名古屋市大通り

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